What time is housing lottery on FFXIV? (2023)

The housing lottery in Final Fantasy XIV takes place every other Saturday at 3:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) in the US and at 7:00 PM (GMT) in the UK. Those hoping to land a house can participate in the housing lottery by purchasing a ‘Plot Registration Certificate’ in advance.

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The sale of these certificates begins two weeks before the lottery, with prices ranging from 4,500 to 4,800 in-game gil. Lottery participants must either be members of a Free Company or have a friend on their Friendlist to use as their guarantor in order to secure the plot of land.

If successful, the winner will be notified within fifteen minutes of the draw and must complete certain requirements within a certain time frame in order to claim their new home.

How to do the housing lottery FF14?

Completing the housing lottery in Final Fantasy XIV requires a few steps. First, you will need to be a member of a Free Company. If you are not, you can join one on the Lodestone website. As a Free Company member, you will need to have the necessary gil to purchase a large plot of land.

You will also need to have purchased a “residential district” building permit as these are required for moving houses or placing them.

Once you have all the necessary items, you can speak to any housing district merchant in any of the major cities. They can provide you with the necessary items to participate in the housing lottery. You will be given a special item called a Lotto Emblem and must use the item on the district Lottery Ticket machine.

Doing this will enter you into the housing lottery, and will allow you to receive an immediate notification of the results of the lottery.

If you are successful in the housing lottery, you will need to make plans to move your house. Moving a house in Final Fantasy XIV requires the house in question to be itemized into containers. You will also need to speak to a movable housing permit vendor in any of the major cities.

From there, you can specify where you would like to move your house to and you will be able to purchase a residential building permit. The house can then be put onto the back of a moogle’s housing truck and will be transported to its new location.

Once your house has been successfully moved to its new location, you can begin customizing it and making it more unique. You can purchase decorations and various furniture items in the market ward of any city in the game.

Enjoy your new house and best of luck in the housing lottery!.

How hard is it to get housing in FFXIV?

Getting housing in FFXIV is not necessarily hard, but it can be difficult depending on a few things, such as the server population, the time of day, and your in-game budget. Due to limited housing plots, it is first come, first served, so if someone has just bought a plot, you may have to wait a while before another one is available or look around on other servers.

You will also need enough in-game currency, called FFXIV Gil, to purchase the plot, which can be time-consuming to accumulate or you have to purchase it with real money. Additionally, plots go for different prices depending on their size, amenities, and location in the game.

Finding a reasonably priced lot within a convenient range of existing friends you play with can also take some time. Fortunately, the FFXIV Housing Discord has created servers dedicated to helping players find available housing plots.

All in all, it is possible to find a housing plot to purchase, but it does take some effort and a bit of luck.

How long til you lose your apartment in FFXIV?

The length of time it takes to lose your apartment in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) will depend on how long you go without paying your monthly rental fee. Generally, if you go 30 days past the due date without paying the rental fee, you will lose your apartment and all of your furnishings and items will be forfeited.

Additionally, if you are unable to make a payment or have insufficient funds in your account to make a payment, your apartment will be put up for auction and could potentially be sold to someone else.

Can you lose your house FFXIV?

No, you cannot lose your house in Final Fantasy XIV. Houses are a permanent part of the game and serve as a safe haven for your character and their companions. If a player decides to leave the game, their house will remain as it was when they left allowing for other players to potentially claim the home for themselves.

Despite this permanence, housing does allow for players to customize their home and build it from scratch or choose from pre-existing designs. Players can also purchase or find furniture and décor to really make their house a home.

Players can even choose to upgrade their housing to a “luxury” home, which grants access to additional customization perks such as larger gardens and a personal retainer. Houses in Final Fantasy XIV are an integral component of the game and provide a safe and personalized environment for players to call their own.

How many housing lotteries can you enter FFXIV?

You may only place one bid on each individual housing plot. With that being said, many players have found this to be a great way to increase their chances of obtaining a desirable housing plot. There are generally 20-30 housing plots available in each server, so entering multiple lotteries for different plots can help you maximize your chances of success.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that FFXIV has a priority system for housing so players who may have obtained them before will be given priority. For these reasons, entering multiple lotteries is a great way to try and get the desired housing plot.

Can anyone get an apartment in FFXIV?

Yes, anyone can get an apartment in Final Fantasy XIV. Apartments are available in each of the residential districts in Eorzea, including The Lavender Beds, Mist, The Goblet, and Shirogane. The cost of an apartment depends on its size and location, with the most luxurious being found in the highest-end districts.

To get an apartment, the player must have a character at least level 50, have the correct housing allowance from their Grand Company, and have met certain requirements for completing housing-related quests.

After all of the requirements are met, the player can head to the housing district, choose an available plot of land, and purchase the apartment with their in-game currency. Then, the player can customize their apartment with furniture and decorations that can be purchased from furniture vendors, crafted by crafters using materials gathered from around Eorzea, or bought from other players using the in-game Market Board.

How much does ff14 housing cost?

The cost of housing in Final Fantasy XIV (FF14) can vary significantly depending on the type of housing and location. Generally, the cost of housing on each server will be different, as it is based on the market economy.

Prices can fluctuate due to a variety of factors such as supply, demand and availability.

For a private housing estate, a player can pay between 1500-3000 gil, which is the in game currency, in order to purchase a property. This cost doesn’t include the weekly upkeep fees, which can range from 150-300 gil.

If the player wishes to purchase an apartment, the cost is usually lower, ranging from 1000-2000 gil. However, these weekly upkeep costs can range between 100-200 gil.

Players can also purchase a mansion for as little as 2500 gil, but the weekly upkeep for a mansion can be as high as 400 gil.

Housing prices can also be impacted by the location of the house or apartment. Houses or apartments that are located near cities tend to be more expensive, whereas those farther away from cities will generally cost less.

Overall, the cost of housing in FF14 can vary significantly depending on the type of housing and location. Generally, the cost of housing on each server will be different, as it is based on the market economy.

Prices can fluctuate due to a variety of factors such as supply, demand and availability.

Will FFXIV get more housing?

Yes, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) will be getting more housing in the future. Square Enix announced in 2020 that they would be introducing more housing plots in their game. This includes the recently-released housing zones in the Shirogane, located in the Far East.

The Shirogane zones will join those of The Lavender Beds and the Mist in all-encompassing housing plots, more than double the size of the Mist plots. Additionally, FFXIV has added plots to the housing districts of residential zones and apartment areas.

The non-residential housing plots includes the Shirogane, Kugane, and Eulmore. The residential zone plots will have normal, large, and estate-sized housing plots.

Ultimately, FFXIV’s housing system was designed to offer players flexibility and creativity in their personal spaces. With all the new housing plots, players of FFXIV can now design their dream homes with more freedom than ever before.

Through all the choices, the housing system has become more advanced and logical for players to understand and get around.

What rank should I buy a house ff14?

The best rank to purchase a house in Final Fantasy XIV (FF14) will depend on a few factors. If you simply want to purchase a house as a status symbol or to have a place to store items, then any rank should be sufficient.

However, if you plan to use the house to undertake trades and crafts – gaining in-game money or items – then a higher rank will be beneficial. Generally, it is recommended to have at least rank 12 to purchase a house, so that you can set up a shop and make use of the market board.

Ranking up to 25 will allow you to build an estate, which is more prestigious and also a better way to store large amounts of items. With these higher ranks you’ll also get access to more crafting materials and to a wider variety of furnishings you can use to make the interior of your house look better.

Ultimately, the best rank to buy a house in FF14 will depend on your goals for the house.

How do you know if you won housing lottery FFXIV?

If you won a housing lottery in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), you will receive an in-game notification in the form of an In-Game Mail. The Mail will include details on which residential district (including ward and plot) has been assigned to you by the lottery.

Additionally, you will receive a message directly in the chat window stating “You have won a plot in the %residential district% district! Congratulations! Please select Accept to be teleported to your plot.

” This message will be accompanied by a “Lottery Results” notification which you can view for more information. You can also check your current list of housing plots through the Housing tab in the Character window to confirm that a plot has been assigned to you.

Can you lose apartment ff14?

No, you cannot lose an apartment in Final Fantasy XIV. The housing system in the game is complex, but it is designed to make sure that you won’t lose an apartment without your knowledge or consent. Each house has a secure deposit that protects it from other players and developers alike.

If you do wish to sell or transfer ownership of your apartment, you may do so through the in-game housing system, ensuring that you’ll have the sale approved and the the money put in your account.

Is auto demolition on FFXIV?

No, auto demolition is not part of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Auto demolition is a feature of Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), an older version of the popular Final Fantasy game series. FFXIV is the newest version and does not include the auto demolition feature.

In FFXI, auto demolition was a system that allowed players to quickly break down unwanted items into components that could be used for other purposes. In FFXIV, players can still break down items, but the process is much more manual.

There are also other forms of item destruction, such as transmuting or breaking down items into crafting components. Ultimately, auto demolition is not a feature of FFXIV, but other methods of item destruction exist.

How long does it take to teardown a house?

The amount of time it takes to tear down a house depends on the size and condition of the house, as well as the complexity of the demolition job. Generally, it could take anywhere from a week to a month to tear down a house.

The job begins with the removal of unwanted items and debris, followed by uninstalling electrical wiring and plumbing, and then the actual demolition. Depending on the size, condition, and complexity of the project, additional preparation and deconstruction might be required before the actual demolition begins, which can add time to the project.

After the house is taken down, the crew will need to clean up the area to ensure that the work site is left in the same condition it was found in.

How do I unlock housing FFXIV?

Unlocking housing in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) requires players to have reached level 50 in either Disciples of the Land or Disciples of the Hand, and then purchase a plot of land. Additionally, players must have the game expansion A Realm Reborn.

To purchase a plot, first go to one of the residential districts and talk to the NPC marked on the district map. Players must then purchase a plot in that district and will then receive it via mail shortly after.

Once the plot has been acquired, they can construct and customize the house to their liking. Please note that a subscription to Final Fantasy XIV is necessary to build or expand existing houses and plots.


What time is housing lottery on Ffxiv? ›

Bidding: The bidding period runs from March 1 – March 6 at 6:59 am (PST). Results: The results period should end on March 10 at 6:59 am (PST). Bidding: The bidding period runs from March 10 – March 15 at 6:59 am (PST).

How long is housing timer Ffxiv? ›

Players have 30 days to enter their houses before the automatic demolition timer begins. In order to check the timer, press CTRL+U to bring up the timers menu. After Jan. 10, the Schedule Estate Demolition screen will show if your plot is in danger of being deleted.

How does housing lottery work FFXIV? ›

Lottery System
  1. Entry Period5 days. Access the placard and submit an entry to receive an entry number.
  2. Results Period4 days. Confirm lottery results from the placard and finalize land purchase.
  3. Next Entry Period5 days. The next entry period begins.
Jan 10, 2023

Why can't I enter the housing lottery Ffxiv? ›

The Free Company needs to be rank 6 or higher. The Free Company needs to have four or more members. You have authorization to purchase or relinquish land on behalf of the Free Company. You must have been part of the Free Company for at least 30 days before entering the lottery.

Is FFXIV housing fixed yet? ›

Final Fantasy XIV's housing lottery is finally fixed after one month of being broken.

What time is the FFXIV Live letter? ›

The Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Live Letter 75 date has been announced and will contain more information about the upcoming Patch 6.3. For starters, let's go over the date of the live stream. The Live Letter will air on December 23, 2022, at 3:00 AM PST.

How long can you be AFK in FFXIV before being kicked? ›

In July 2021, Final Fantasy XIV introduced a system that kicked players after 30 minutes of inactivity.

How long is the lockout timer FFXIV? ›

Around about 30min. They may also have an extender as well. So if you try again during the lockout, it will extend the time.

How hard is it to get housing in FFXIV? ›

To be eligible to purchase personal houses and apartments, you need at least one class at level 50 and to be the rank of second lieutenant in your grand company. For Free Company houses, the FC must be at least rank six with four active members.

Can you enter more than one housing lottery Ffxiv? ›

ONE lottery entry per character. This means you cannot bid on multiple plots during the same lottery period, even if you have that much gil. You must choose one plot's lottery to enter. Keep in mind the "one private and one free company plot per World per service account" rule remains unchanged.

How does the lottery system work? ›

The financial lottery is a game where players pay for a ticket, usually for $1, select a group of numbers, or have machines randomly spit them out, and then win prizes if enough of their numbers match those randomly drawn by a machine.

Can you withdraw from housing lottery Ffxiv? ›

Firstly, you cannot withdraw from the lottery after paying, though all money will be refunded if you're unsuccessful. Those that already have a house and are relocating will also be refunded 15% of the previous house's value. If you win the lottery, you only have a few days to confirm the purchase.

When can we bid on houses again FFXIV? ›

Lottery Date for Housing Wards Introduced in Final Fantasy XIV 6.3. This will not take long, as Lottery for the new plots starts on Sunday, January 15, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. (PST). From this moment onwards, plays can bid into their desired plot and wait for the numbers to be rolled.

Which wards are lottery FFXIV? ›

Wards 25 through 30 will be added to each of the five residential districts proper as well as their subdivisions. Plots in all 60 new wards will be available for purchase via the lottery system. Apartments will also be added to all wards.

What rank do you need to be to buy a house FFXIV? ›

To qualify for a house, you need the following: At least one class must to be level 50 or higher. Grand Company rank second lieutenant or higher.

Can you lose an apartment in FFXIV? ›

Once you buy an apartment, it's yours forever. A house will be automatically deleted if the owner doesn't visit it within 45 days due to the game's auto-demolition policy. Likewise, a housing plot without a home on it will eventually be put back into the housing pool for the next lottery cycle.

What video game solved the housing? ›

Final Fantasy XIV Found A Virtual Solution to The Housing Crisis - Bloomberg.

Can you sleep in your house FFXIV? ›

You can sleep in beds by entering any in-game inn, clicking on the mattress, and choosing to “log out” or exit game.” Just be aware that this has no mechanical benefit within FFXIV — at least not any benefit you don't already get without doing it.

How long is an ff14 hour? ›

Due to this flow of time, the game also features moon phases and seasons, which have various effects on gameplay. Vana'diel time moves 25 times faster than Earth time: 1 Vana'diel hour is 2 minutes and 24 seconds in Earth time, and 1 Earth hour is 25 Vana'diel hours.

What time is Tuesday reset FFXIV? ›

It happens every Tuesday at 12am PST/3am EST/8am GMT/9am CET – remember to count an hour forwards if you're in daylight savings.

How do you tell the time in FFXIV? ›

Displaying Eorzean Time on the HUD

To switch to Eorzean Time, select System > Character Configuration > UI Settings > HUD and click the box labeled "Eorzea Time" under the category "Clock Type." You may also click directly on the HUD time display to change what time is shown.

Can you enter more than one housing lottery FFXIV? ›

ONE lottery entry per character. This means you cannot bid on multiple plots during the same lottery period, even if you have that much gil. You must choose one plot's lottery to enter. Keep in mind the "one private and one free company plot per World per service account" rule remains unchanged.

How do you know when you can buy a house FFXIV? ›

To be eligible to purchase personal houses and apartments, you need at least one class at level 50 and to be the rank of second lieutenant in your grand company. For Free Company houses, the FC must be at least rank six with four active members.

What time can you bid on a house? ›

How to bid. Properties are advertised from Thursday to Sunday each week. You can bid any time from 12:01am on Thursday morning until midnight on Sunday.

Do houses always go to the highest bidder? ›

But do sellers always accept the highest offer? The short answer is no. While the offer price is certainly one of the main things the seller will look at, it's not the only thing that matters. Savvy sellers (and sellers with smart Realtors) know that they need to consider the entire offer, not just the price.

How often do houses go on sale FFXIV? ›

Purchasing a house in FFXIV requires a good deal of patience. Players get the chance to buy one every nine days via the new Lottery system, introduced in Patch 6.1 in April 2021.

Which Grand Company should I pick ff14? ›

Choosing a Grand Company is mostly about preference. There is no objectively best Grand Company. The Immortal Flames are a group of battle-hardened soldiers led by Raubahn Aldynn. The Maelstrom is a powerful naval force led by Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn.

Which statue should I choose FFXIV? ›

The correct answer is the Owl Statue.

Can 2 people share an apartment in ff14? ›

Estate sharing is not permitted with apartments. Furthermore, apartments are not subject to auto-demolition.

Can you marry more than once in FFXIV? ›

You're free to remarry or to live the bachelorette life — or to do anything you may deem fit, so long as you abide by the in-game rules of the Sanctum of the Twelve should you wish to get hitched a second time. Or a third.

How do I get a bigger house FFXIV? ›

Head to the Empyreum housing ward in Ishgard with the amount of gil your desired house size costs. (Smalls cost 3-4 million gil, mediums cost 16-20 million, and larges cost 40-50 million.) Click the placard of the lot you want, deposit the gil, and pray for the best.

Can you lose your apartment in ff14? ›

Once you buy an apartment, it's yours forever. A house will be automatically deleted if the owner doesn't visit it within 45 days due to the game's auto-demolition policy. Likewise, a housing plot without a home on it will eventually be put back into the housing pool for the next lottery cycle.

What happens to my room if I leave a Free Company? ›

If you leave an FC manually, you have to pick up your furniture and destroy the room yourself before doing so. Unless it's a one-time item like crafting stations or primal/coil furniture, you can store them away to use in your next room. Either way, you never get your 300k back.

How long does it take to get a purchase in FFXIV? ›

You can check the status on the Mog Station via "Payment History". Please note item deliveries may be delayed during peak times. If you have still not received your items despite confirming all of the above points, please be advised that it can take up to 24 hours before items are delivered.


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