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It is my pleasure to present to you the home page of the Danish diplomatic missions in Nigeria. The Danish Foreign Minister, Mr. Kristian Jensen, officially opened both the Embassy in Abuja and the Consulate General in February 2016.

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We are looking very much forward to strengthening the bilateral relations between Denmark and Nigeria through extensive contacts to public and private segments of the Nigerian society. Our activities in the political and commercial field aim at promoting cooperation, trade and economic relations and assisting companies who want to do business in Denmark or Nigeria. In addition we will be working for stronger cultural relations between Denmark and Nigeria. The interest in visiting each other is ever growing; high-level visits, business visits, family visits, and visits with a cultural purpose are a clear indication of the ever closer ties between the people of our two countries.

Our homepage gives you an overview of the activities carried out by the Embassy and the Consulate General. You can find information about the opportunities for doing business in Denmark and Nigeria. You may also find, a detailed description of the consular services offered to Danes and Nigerian citizens. In addition you can find information about Denmark and Danish society through a variety of links. We suggest you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


We are doing our best to be helpful, and we welcome any feedback on how you see our efforts.

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